The comeback kid

After flirting with death, Lexie has turned into the comeback kid.

Now finishing up her second week of eating regularly again, she’s gaining weight and strength. When I recently brought her to the vet to evaluate her renal failure, the doctor marveled at Lexie’s rebound.

“I didn’t expect her to make it,” she told us.

We didn’t either. Lex had stopped eating dog food, then food altogether. We slowly coaxed her back with extravagant meals of steak, meatballs and chicken. Then when Pink died, inexplicably her hunger returned.

Tug-of-war. (Photo by Matt Greenberg)

Despite having cataracts, her eyes now are brighter. And she even loves to wrestle a bit. Last night for the first time she played tug-of-war with Charlie.

Whether it’s a medical miracle, or simply the power of prayer, Lexie appears to be on the mend. I thank you all for your continued love and support. At Our Furever Family, we can feel it.

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10 thoughts on “The comeback kid

    • We are so happy, too! It’s hard to believe it, each time she eats. I was so sure she was down for the count. Thanks so much!!!!

      Also, Matt and I are loving looking at your blog this morning. It’s wonderful, and has given us many belly laughs!

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