Letting go with love

Tonight we lost Pink.

Her illness was brutal and swift. Within days she went from a robust cat, to one in multiple organ failure. The veterinarian told us there was nothing we could do. So often, kidney and liver failure will unexpectedly surface in elderly cats.

At an approximate 13 years old, I hardly thought of Pink as elderly. I’ve often said I’m not a cat person, but I still figured I had another good five years left with my lil’ tuxuedo gal.

Instead this evening I said goodbye, softing calling her name: “Pink-Pink! Pink-Pink!”

I never wanted a cat.

I was one of those jerks who loved to tell a good dead cat joke. To justify my dislike, I would explain that I am terribly allergic to cats. See? We’re just not meant to be together, I would brag.

But then I met Pink, and something changed. I fell in love. One look in her green eyes and I bought a litter box and a bag of kibble. It took six months before I stopped itching, and another three before my eyes stopped dripping. But we made it work.

For the first three years we had Pink, she hid in the basement. Eventually, she made her way upstairs and carved out a spot in the front room. Just a few months ago, as we prepared to adopt our puppy Charlie, we bought her a cat tree. We were absolutely astonished to see her contort her body as she climbed to the top. She rolled in catnip. She fluffed up, and watched us watch her.

Pink loved the dogs. She batted at them, and nuzzled during naps. She even emulated them, and learned how to sit for a treat.

It’s still hard to believe that we lost Pink so quickly. As we fretted about our elderly dog Lexie’s kidney failure, somehow the same illness snatched Pink from us.

In all honestly, my allergies over the years became tolerable, but never went away. As a parting gift, when I kissed Pink goodbye, her soft fur brushed my eye. My eyes have been dripping ever since.

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29 thoughts on “Letting go with love

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  2. Several months ago a wonderful couple in Michigan adopted a puppy from us. His name was Scout. Jillian and Matt begin a journal of their trials in trying to find a new baby for their family. True Heart watched over the summer months the adjustments they’ve had to make with a new puppy. One of the first things they did was hold a contest to rename Scout. After several entries, Charlie won out and so he became Charlie Scout. Jill and Matt already had two other family members, a beautiful older girl named Lexi and an older little cat named Pink. Jill kept us entertained over the last few months with stories, pictures and videos of their family life. Being an incredible writer, Jill draws you into their world and leaves you anticipating the next story. A few weeks ago their older girl Lexi started declining, Jill and Matt has been doing everything they can to keep her comfortable, keep her eating and let her know everyday that they love her dearly. But what has happened in the last week has been out of the blue and has stunned everyone that has fallen in love with Jill, Matt, Lexi, Pink and Charlie. Little Pink became extremely sick the last few days. After taking her to the vet, they found out she was in kidney and liver failure and there was nothing they could do. Tonight, Pink left them for the Rainbow Bridge. Everyone at True Heart extends our heartfelt condolences to Jill and Matt and their furbabies. Each of us have been there and although it doesn’t help with the pain, please know that you’re in our hearts and prayers. Run free little Pink.

    • We are humbled by your words. Thanks so much for thinking of us in this difficult time. Pink was a great cat, and no one loved her more than Charlie. He watched over her in the last two days like a sweet guardian angel. My best to you all.

  3. We lost our fur son on May 5 2012. I LOVED him more than anything in this world. I Miss him so much. I know how you feel and it gets better (i think) I still cry a lot. He to passed very quick from kidney failure. I hope you know Murrie will play with Pink at the rainbow bridge. My prayers are with you and your family. xoxo

  4. I have never met you or your family but I have certainly felt the loss that you are feeling. I know God has a special place for our fur family. Prayers and hugs to you and your family. RIP Pink 🙂

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