How much for that doggie in the window?

Look really close. Squint. Yup. That’s Charlie. (Photos by Matt Greenberg)

When we leave the house, it’s not unusual to see Lexie and Charlie push their noses against the front window as we pull away.

But lately, Charlie has startled us by sitting high atop the couch, intently looking out, waiting for us to come home. It’s as if he never left that position when we left and remains in the same perch when we return.

Yeah, yeah. We know this isn’t normal. I mean, some dogs do have magical powers and can hear their owners’ cars from miles away. But we’re pretty sure that’s not the case with Charlie.

So how do we know? I have evidence.

Exhibit 1: A hole in the couch cushion, which also was partially defluffed.

Exhibit 2: He ate the heel of my favorite pair of brown shoes. Grrrr.

This all happened in a two-hour period. Of course, our guard was down because Charlie had been a model puppy for the last couple weeks. We were spoiled by his lack of aggressive chewing. But I think we can’t deny his doggy anxiety has reared its ugly head once again.

When we left, we did forget to fill his special purple KONG toy. But we were lulled into a comfort zone because he was on good behavior, and didn’t think a quick trip to a friend’s house would quickly turn wrong.

That’s what we get for trusting a puppy.

Lexie update

After a strong rebound from Lexie, she appears to be suffering a setback. While she’s been eating dog food again for several weeks, she stopped eating about three days ago. It appears her kidney disease is progressing, and at an elderly 14 years old, Lex is losing a bit of her spunk.

I’ve tried hand feeding her the special kidney diet dog food, her favorite holistic senior chunky food and even kibble. Sadly, I’ve had no luck. No amount of vitamin gravy or cheese sprinkles interest her.

So tonight I bought deli turkey and fed her a couple slices. I also gave her a deli flat (bread is one of her favorite treats). The good news is that she ate these up.

So for now, it looks like turkey sammys for Lex.

Once she loses her hunger for turkey, I know I’ll have bigger decisions on my plate.

Lexie’s Perfect Turkey Sandwich

Two slices turkey (any kind)

Two slices bread (any kind)

One slice of cheese (optional, but preferred)

Tear apart. Place in  bowl. Let the nummy eating begin!

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10 thoughts on “How much for that doggie in the window?

  1. Lexie is a good, brave girl eating her turkey sammies. Charlie, on the other hand – NAUGHTY! I used to be naughty when I first came to live here. I even climbed on the table and ate Mom’s medicine once when she turned her back for 2 seconds. She had to call doggie poison control and then INDUCE VOMITING!! It was gnarly!

    Love and licks,

    • Wow. When Lexie was younger, she ate a bottle of my medicine, and we had to induce vomiting, too. It was so yucky!!! It’s been an adventure today. Most of all, we are glad Lex decided to eat a little bit. 🙂

      You’re a little stinker, aren’t you! We like that!!!

  2. I fought a constant losing battle trying to keep Jubilee off the furniture…..esp if I was outside mowing (not so much her missing me, rather she wanted to attack the mean mower!). However a friend was throwing out an old beat up leather chair and I took it and put Jubilee’s blankie on it etc and let her know it was ok to getup on it….and for the most part she became Archie Bunker and knew it was her chair and liked being on it. Maybe something like that will work cuz you ‘should’ try to teach Charlie not to get on the people furniture. It’s your place and Chuck needs boundaries.

    • I love the archie bunker approach. Sadly, all of our furniture currently qualifies. Hahaha. We have a big picture window and the couch is below it. It makes for a perfect landing pad for dogs who wish to stare out the window. We may need to find yet another furniture layout. Sigh.

  3. I relate to the “not trusting your puppy’ thing, Doggy is peeing inside again, I guess part of it it’s because we recently moved and also he seems to be developing a little of anxiety since he pees right when I leave. He’s been ok the last 4 days, but I had to remove all the carpeting again, can’t wait for him to be a grown up dog lol.
    Hope Lexie keeps the eating going, one step at the time.

    • Wow. Sorry to hear about doggy and the peeing stuff. These type of setbacks are so frustrating. I think he’ll pull through. Just like I know Charlie will stop pooping in the basement. Ha. You are right. Baby steps. 😉

  4. Is it possible that my dog is actually still sitting on the couch watching/waiting at the picture window for me to return after being gone for hours? He only does this when I leave. He does not get on the furniture at all at any other time. I have taken to leaving a space in the window blinds up sheers pulled back so he does not end up pulling the draperies off the wall in an effort to get a better look. But if this is an anxious behavior I do not want to reinforce it. He gets treat puzzles or treat dispensing rolling toys, but they do not distract him when I am getting out the door. He is a very mellow yellow lab, new to me (5 year old stud) dog. I was thinking his Velcro behavior might be because he really does not know where in the house I am going or if I am leaving for two hours. I am a teacher so I am also feeling pressure to soothe him before September comes and I have to be gone for much longer chunks of time.

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