You want to know his name? Cast a vote!

How much is that puppy on the counter? More importantly, what is his name? Vote now!

Matt and I spent Father’s Day weekend, appropriately enough, becoming puppy parents. The both of us lost our fathers three years ago, just three months apart. The unimaginable grief of suddenly losing my dad was only compounded by the loss of Matt’s dad to cancer.  These experiences tested us, and in the end cemented our relationship.

So on this holiday of ties, fishing lures and barbecues, Matt and I turn the page. We created our own celebration, thinking of how our fathers would have loved to meet each other. And to hang out in our yard and throw the ropie to Scout. Or gently rub Lex behind the ears.

We are honoring their memories by becoming the best parents we can be.

Time to pick a name

The Dog Formerly Known As Scout soon will have a new name. The pup couldn’t believe it when I told him ya’ll submitted almost 20 name suggestions for him. We were surprised by how many people suggested keeping Scout. It’s a fine name, really, and I have known some legendary Scouts in my time.

But I’m thinking there’s a better fit for our little dog.

We’ve prepared a poll featuring five names we selected from your great submissions. Please take a moment and cast your vote.

This little fuzzball wants a name soon, so vote and be counted!

EDITOR’S NOTE: The poll has closed. The name will be revealed tonight! (June 25)