Winds of change


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The winds of change are rustling through our home. Pink has transitioned. Lexie followed that up by becoming incontinent. And Charlie has developed a taste for cable channel lineup guides. More about that later. Of course we notice Pink’s absence … Continue reading


Our Furever Family

Snapping this photo was a test of patience and vanity. Some 20 frames later, Matt and I finally settled on this family portrait.

Today we officially unveil a new blog name: Our Furever Family.

While Matt and I loved Finding Furever, in many ways it no longer fits. Our search to find a new dog has brought us Charlie. Along with our aging, somewhat sickly pup Lexie and our cat Pink Floyd, we no longer are looking for furever.

We already have it.

So to reflect this new leg of the journey, we wanted a name that showcased our new family status.

The interactive nature of this blog has allowed us to speak with many of you and to hear about what did and didn’t work for you and your pups. To help chronicle the great suggestions that you offer, I have added two more pages to the site: Resources and Books. Neither page is exhaustive; rather they serve as a starting spot for conversation or a springboard to research. I plan on writing book reviews to complement the suggested reading page. Please keep your ideas coming; this collective grows stronger with your input.

With new and old friends at home and abroad, these bonds propel us.

We’re glad to call you family.

An update on Lexie

Today marks day four of the new medication regime for Lexie. Early indications show she’s responding well. The pain medication allows her to get around the house and into the yard a bit easier, and she hasn’t peed on herself since we started the med for incontinence. Her appetite has been hit-or-miss, but mostly a hit.

I know it’s early in her treatment, but I have to cherish these simple victories. I’m sure she will not survive her kidney failure. My sweet pup is in the sunset of her life.

Snuggled in at the end of the couch — her favorite spot in the world — Lexie is content. Her eyes closed, paws crossed beneath her chin, gently twitching … she’s chasing rabbits somewhere.

Keep dreaming, Lex. Today is a good day.

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