Lazy afternoon

Lexie takes a snoozer with little brother Charlie.

Lex has fallen in and out of love with countless foods in the last couple weeks.

I can’t keep up with it. But Lex keeps chugging along. Somehow she is surviving on power biscuits slathered in peanut butter. I even caught her trotting in the back yard this morning, her energy defying her 14-plus years. Apparently, kidney failure be damned!

I’m not a veterinarian, so I don’t get what’s happening. But I’m loving it. It appears Lex is, too.

If there’s a lesson in this for me, it’s to expect the unexpected. I’ve had this week off from work, and it’s been a blessing to see this lesson in action.

Also, all this sickie-poo stuff doesn’t seem to slow Charlie down a bit. He still invites Lex to the occasional wrestling match (he lets her win most times) and he looks forward to snuggling during their naps. This lazy afternoon, Charlie put on a little show for Lexie out in the yard (see video).

Lex was amused.

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