Celebrating a milestone

Who needs a pile of toys when there’s a milestone to celebrate?

Five thousand of anything is a lot. But 5,000 fan visits to Our Furever Family shows a lot of love.

Yesterday we achieved this milestone, and Matt and I — along with Lexie and Charlie — would like to thank each and every one of you. What started as a blog about our search for a dog has evolved into a deeper look at our family dynamics, while exploring issues of life and mortality. This blog has taken twists and turns that we never expected, and we couldn’t be happier to have you by our side.

Thank you for following our story!

From updating our aging dog Lexie’s ailments to documenting Charlie’s triumphs and challenges, we’re glad to be on this journey with you. And as part of our family, we want to hear more from you … especially with Love Story essays about how you came to find your pets.

It’s a good thing we can choose our families. We may be a motley crew, but we have each other. And that’s all that matters in Our Furever Family.

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