Mischief makers

Mischief is afoot in our house.

Yesterday morning, Charlie hopped into bed and woke up Matt by shaking a ball of aluminum foil in his face. Knowing someone was up to no good, Matt got up and followed Charlie into the kitchen. There he found Lexie surrounded by a pile of garbage. She stopped licking the discarded lid of margarine long enough to look Matt in the eye. He swears she shot him a smile.

In this moment, Matt didn’t know whether he should yell at Lexie about the mess, or to pull her in his arms to celebrate our pup is well enough to dumpster dive. He landed somewhere in the middle, muttering choice words about dirty dogs, and he quickly cleaned up the mess.

Since Lex got sick, she hasn’t shown any forms of feisty noncompliance. So this mess she created was some sort of victory. She may be 14 years old, with renal failure and doggy dementia, but Lex still knows how to get in trouble.

What a sweetheart.

Matt was so excited he forgot to take a photo.

There’s the plant, and soil everywhe … Hey! Whose tail is that?!?

But we do have evidence of an upended plant, courtesy of Charlie. A chair in our front room was perilously placed next to a table covered in plants. This sat in front of the big picture window. We’re guessing the mailman strolled by, Charlie barked like crazy and knocked a plant to the floor.

So far, He’s knocked plants off the table three times, and broke the pot the last time.

This greatly agitated Matt, since the table houses his prized succulent plant collection. Charlie knocked over his finger jade twice, and Matt’s patience was growing thin.

There was only one clear solution.

Matt channeled his inner interior decorator, and moved the furniture around. After consulting with me, he moved the plant table to a side window, and slid the couch below the picture window. We had no idea how popular that move would be.

Now we fight the dogs for space on the couch. Lex likes laying on Matt: on his lap, his belly, his ankles. She’s his little cuddlebug. And both dogs love standing on the back of the couch to look out the window. Surprisingly, Charlie likes to lay on the top of the couch while we are away, giving an alert the moment we drive up to the house. Sometimes we don’t even see him because  his nose is plastered against the window fogging it up. When Charlie gives a bark, Lex will pop up her head, too, to say “Hi!”

Since Lex doesn’t get around much anymore, it’s so nice to see her get lost in watching the traffic go by. Her face relaxes, and her eyes close just a bit. I don’t mind sharing the couch with her at all.

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8 thoughts on “Mischief makers

  1. It’s so nice to see that Lex is up to no good, you wouldn’t usually celebrate it but given her condition this is a great.
    Fighting with dogs for a space in your house is something I’m starting to experience.

  2. Lexie reminds me so much of our oldest dog. We have to gate her out of the kitchen or she would likely do this every night. Sometimes she manages her way into the kitchen even with the gate. It isn’t pretty.

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