Snuggle bug

Where’d Mom go? I guess I’ll keep her side of the bed warm.

I woke up this morning shivering. The bed sheets were gone. I felt around in the dark for a blanket, and discovered a small nest in the middle of the bed. Right on top, I found a snoring pile of fur.

“Charlie! Get off,” Matt barked.

Charlie lifted his head, sleepiliy looked around the room, then promptly fell back asleep.

The general rule is that Lex and Charlie sleep in their dog beds. Charlie’s bed is on Matt’s side, and Lexie’s is on mine. This worked out until we recently rearranged the room. Matt was a little snot and demanded to have the side of the bed closest to the window, so we swapped sides. This caused confusion because Matt still wanted Charlie to sleep on his side.

Lex would rather snooze on the couch.

The first night, I brought Lex up to check out the new arrangement. She sniffed the beds, scanned the room then walked downstairs to sleep on the couch instead.

It took some convincing with Charlie. Matt got him to the new bed location, but by the middle of the night I saw he switched to my side.

“Chaaaarlieeeeee! Come heeeeere!!” Matt begged. Charlie sighed, then buried his head deep in his bed.

By morning, Charlie had relocated between us. It would have been cute (and of course it was!) if he wasn’t such a bed hog. It’s hard to imagine how such a small pup could commandeer an entire queen-sized quilt, and build it into a small fortress. I pulled at the edges of the quilt, and they wouldn’t  budge. Somehow he had Superglued them in place. I wiggled my fingers under Charlie and tried to move him, but suddenly he weighed as much as a full-grown rottweiler.

I grabbed the rumpled bed sheet off the floor, and covered up the best I could. I snuggled in close to Charlie and Matt, shivered, then fell asleep.

The first several days we had Charlie, he happily slept between Matt and me in our bed. He would wiggle between us, roll onto his back and pass out. Waking up to puppy kisses is one of the most divine things in the world.

This continued for close to a week. Until Charlie got worms. Then he was relegated to the dog bed on the floor. He recovered from his ailment almost immediately, but the floor bed orders remained in place. Over time he would sneak up until we saw him, then sulk as he slid off the bed.

Charlie sleeps best in bed. Our bed.

It’s said that dogs sleep anywhere from 12-18 hours a day. As a growing puppy, Charlie has evolved into an expert napper. From the top of the couch, to laying in a sunbeam out in the yard, Charlie catches his share of ZZZZs.

But his favorite spot remains in bed with us. Preferably in the middle, paws outstretched, belly exposed. Soft puppy snores, paw twitches.

Sleep tight, Charlie. Don’t let the bedbugs bite.

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11 thoughts on “Snuggle bug

  1. Doggy sleeps under my bed, he has tried twice to sleep on my bed but I don’t allow him, he pick ups trash with his fur, my bed is a sacred place lol.
    He snores a lot and dreams, he barks and runs.

    • Hi Misaki! My dog Lexie is just like you. She prefers sleeping on the couch, snuggled into a blanket. She might come stay with me at the beginning of the night, but as soon as I’m snoring, she’s back on the couch. Charlie, other the other hand, really loves it in my bed!!

  2. I always sleep with Mom. I wait by the bedroom door like a good girl till she says, “Up.” Then I jump on the bed, squiggle under the covers, and lean against her as hard as I can all night. I do not understand personal space at all.

    Love and licks,

  3. My dog Cricket sleeps in her crate next to my bed usually; she does try to sneak into my bed on occasion but 98% of the time she is in her crate.

  4. We only take over all the bed so that we can make sure you are comfy when sleeping in it – if we didn’t stretch out fully how would we be able to check that one corner is as comfy as the other? And yes we do need to do it every night – what if the bed changed?!

  5. We used to let our dogs share our bed. That was OK when it was one or two. When it got to 4 we made them sleep in their own beds in another room – they were suffocating us with their weight !

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