Love Story: Our names are Omelette and Carmen

Omelette and Carmen.

Today’s Love Story is from Leo, who shares how a random meeting on a New York street led to a lasting friendship with turtles Omelette and Carmen. Leo, who lives in Spain, will receive an Our Furever Family mug for his essay.

It was about 6 years ago, I was on my way to have dinner with my friends in China Town (NYC), we passed by a Chinese supermarket, I looked down and in a bucket there were a few turtles.

I love turtles so I stayed a little and watched them swim. I was not prepared for what it was about to happen.

A woman orders 3 turtles, man grabs them, puts then in a bag, slams them against the floor and bang, they are ready for a hot winter soup.

I just couldn’t believe what I witnessed, I was abhorred. I forgot about dinner with friends, asked the man to put the 5 remainder turtles to go, ALIVE. He grabbed the bag put some water and there I was walking back home with the turtles. Stopped by a pet store and got a tank, a filter, some rocks and turtle food.

The turtles were not bigger than a quarter, I knew they were going to die, but the way they were destined to end was too cruel. Three of them died. Omelette is still alive; I called her Omelette because she still had egg shell on her nose when I got her. The other was named Carmen. Both of them outgrew the tank; they are huge monsters now.

I one put some fish in the tank and plants; it looked so beautiful. The next morning no plants and a bunch of fish tails. I learned the hard way.

Turtles are people too.

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22 thoughts on “Love Story: Our names are Omelette and Carmen

  1. God bless you for saving those turtles! There is so much cruelty in this world toward animals that it’s beautiful to read about someone who DID something about it. The turtles are beautiful – and I LOVE the way you came up with the name Omelette!

  2. Ow My God!!! Reading the first part of the story scared the hell out me…I straight away hug my baby turtles. I am glad none of them ends up in someone’s soup.

    That’s a great thing to do Leo…I am very proud of you! You know how I love my turtles…and stories of how people save turtles are always heartwarming for me.

  3. Doggy’ style u mean u save 5 turtles from a restuarant? But sorry that 3 died so early then u mean the other two turtles thats still living is omelette and carmen ur turtles has nice names by the way ur like a hero to turtles

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