Love Story: My name is Cupcake

Today’s Love Story winner — and recipient of an Our Furever Family mug — is a Jack Russell terrier mix named Cupcake. She lives in New Jersey with her mom Genevieve Petrillo, who is a children’s author/poet.


Mom had a German Shepherd named Smoki who went to the Rainbow Bridge. Smoki was the smartest dog in the world. Mom wanted a new dog right away. Smoki taught her that having a dog was a wonderful way to live. (I told you she was smart!)  Mom applied on the computer, and visited four shelters in four days. Mom knew that somewhere a dog was sitting in a cage waiting for her.

She worried about picking the right dog. It would be the first time she ever had to choose and train a dog all by herself. She asked Smoki in her mind to help her. A week after Smoki left, Mom went to an adoption day. All the rescues there were cats. That day, she got a call about a dog she applied for online. The dog was sweet, but way too strong for Mom to handle. The foster mom of that dog suggested Mom visit an adoption event an hour away. Mom drove and drove hoping there were more than just cats.

At the library.

There were! Dogs from four or five different rescues were lined up in cages around the store. Mom said, “Look at this one!” and “Look at that one!” Then she saw me and said, “This one is cute.” She read my info sheet and said, “Too old.” She kept looking. She came back to me and said, “She’s not spayed. She already had puppies.” She left again. She came back and took me out of the cage. She held me for a minute and put me back. “Too little,” she said.  But no matter how many dogs Mom looked at, she kept coming back to me. Finally she said, “I’m taking her! This is my new dog!” (I knew it all along!)

Mom named me Cupcake because I am so sweet. Even though I was not what she was looking for, I am absolutely perfect for her. She tells me that Smoki lives in my belly and takes care of me. I’m pretty sure she’s right, but either way, Mom kisses my belly a lot, so it’s a win-win.

Volunteering at a veterans’ home.

I was housebroken and I didn’t chew furniture or bark so much that we’d be evicted. Mom had me spayed, and I learned to be a good girl in obedience school.  I could cuddle and snuggle all day.  I had so much love inside my tiny self that Mom taught me what I had to know to pass the CGC test, and I was certified as a therapy dog. Now, I work at the Veteran’s Home making old soldiers smile and at the public library for Read-to-a-Pet-Night. I am not the smartest dog in the world, but I sure am one of the luckiest and most grateful.

More about Cupcake

My blog — Cupcake Speaks
My rescue group — Purrs and Pups
My obedience school — Hal Wheeler
My therapy pet organization — TheraPet

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