While Daddy’s away …

I’ve got a Nylabone, and I’m gonna chew this instead of the couch. I puppy-paw swear!

Since we adoped Charlie, Matt has been a constant in his life.

And now, for the first time since Charlie has lived with us, Matt is going away on business. For a week. How on Earth will Charlie survive?

Rumor has it, Charlie has plans. Like sitting on the couch. And sleeping in a human bed. And eating lots of cat food. Maybe even pooping on the laundry pile.

Matt’s eyes turned red when I disclosed Charlie’s itinerary.

“That’s my greatest fear! That you will undo all my hard work and training!” he accused.

The truth is it would be a lot more trouble to let Charlie run wild, than to continue with his training. He craves discipline, and is eager to please. And who can resist the wiggly puppy dance from a dog who just mastered “sit” for like the hundredth time?

Certainly, not me!

I imagine I may allow a short nap on my belly, and perhaps some surprise table scraps, but I’m expecting nothing out of the ordinary.

Since buying separate dog beds for Charlie and Lex, they both sleep comfortably on the floor next to us at night. We’ve fallen into an easy routine, with the dogs sleeping in their beds (with a few choice squeaky toys for cuddling, of course!) until morning. Then I usually get Charlie out in the yard for his morning potty. I learned a lesson by opting to change some laundry first thing the other morning, and Charlie trotted down and proceeded to pee all over the blanket at my feet.

Well, it was in a pile waiting to get cleaned anyway. Sigh.

The point is, I feel I have things under control. The only thing I’m really concerned about is the time when I go to work. We’ve successfuly left Charlie and Lex alone for a few hours, but nothing like 10 hours straight. I’m concerned he will miss me, or his buddy Matt. I really hope he won’t cry. Charlie, that is.

Dog days of summer

So Matt is leaving for a week, and the heat wave is in full blast. Like much of the nation, we have had countless days in a row of 100-plus degree weather. To help keep us cool, we bought a wading pool at PetSmart. It even comes with decorative bones instead of fish. Ya know, because dogs can tell the difference.

I couldn’t wait to get home, and actually called dibs on filling the pool with water. My eyes glazed over as I imagined Lex and Charlie diving in, frolicking in the water. As soon as the water filled up close to the rim, I called Charlie over. He sniffed at the pool, then backed away. Matt scooped him up and placed him in the water, sure he would bounce around. Instead, he promptly hopped out and rolled in some sun-burned grass.

Lex walked toward the pool. She really surveyed the situation. I was hopeful. She took a step right to the side of the pool, lowered her head, and took in a long slurp of water.

Lex had just discovered the largest water bowl in Detroit.

What? This is supposed to keep me cool? Slurp-slurp. Ya know, you’re right!


4 thoughts on “While Daddy’s away …

  1. Charlie is gonna be ok, you leave your place and pray to find all the furniture in one piece (that’s what I did when I first left Doggy alone, the day after I got him). He has Lex to play with and to keep him under control. I wish I had a backyard to buy Doggy a swimming pool, I would regret the minute he walks inside and shakes on the sofa, but it’d be nice lol

    • Ha, yes. Having a yard definitely is a trade off. I have to deal with dirt and sand, and occasional wet pups on the furniture.So believe me, I have nothing white in my house. 😉 And thanks for the vote of confidence! I think Charlie will pull through.

  2. After Flash chewed a hole in the couch, gnawed at the edge of the dining room table, and ripped a hole in the bedroom carpet, I took to leaving him in a bathroom when he had to be left in the house alone. Thankfully, he has matured a little bit, and the only thing in danger now is the litter box. 🙂 The yard is dog-proof, so if it’s not too hot or too cold out, I can leave him outside, Things will work out fine!

    • Oh my! I’m so glad you were able o find a solution for your pup. And regarding kitty treats, my elder dog just can’ help herself. Uugh. My pup hasn’t discovered hat delicacy yet… 😉

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