Can I see your profile?

Each time I see someone walking a cutie-pie pup down the street, I want to stop them and ask, Where did you two meet?

But I don’t bother. I already know the answer: Online dating.

I must admit to being a bit more Old School in my approach. Back in the day, I would drive up to the local animal shelter, plug my nose and walk the aisles … furtively glancing into the cages as I passed each dog by. I knew things had drastically changed when one night I heard Matt exclaim “Awwe!” over and over, like a 6-year-old kid. Finally, I looked up, and saw he was furiously studying something on his iPhone.

“What is that? I demanded.

“Awwe!” was his response. He shot me a smile, then held out his phone.

I took a look, and couldn’t help myself. “Awwe!” I exclaimed as I looked at the most adorable little black puppy.

“His profile says he’s going to be medium-sized, which would be good for Lexie,” Matt offered.

Profile? Yes. Just like online dating, now animals have profiles, complete with snazzy photos (sometimes sporting a bowtie or pearls!), and a rundown of their disposition, medical history, behavioral issues and overall background.

But really, just like human dating sites, it’s all about the pics.

“Oooh, she looks like such a sweetie!”

“I don’t like his ears.”

“What about this one? He’s got beautiful blue eyes.”

“Whaddya think? The profile says labrador, but the photo looks like a dachshund.”

And so it goes. We fall in love instantly, with a pixelated image before us. And reread the profile over and over until we know it by heart. We know it’s a fit. So perfect I could cry.

Until we’re ready we’re ready for the next step. That’s when it gets complicated.

NEXT: Meeting Ranger.


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